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Our privacy policy including how we use or share your information, our disclaimer, and access to personal information.

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Coroner General Data Protection Regulations Privacy Notice

We will hold your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and any current UK Data Protection Act.

HM Senior Coroner for Leicester City and South Leicestershire, is the data controller and can be contacted at:

HM Coroner's Office
Town Hall
Town Hall Square


We will process your data to:

Determine who the deceased was, when, where and how they died, and to record the registration particulars to enable Death Certification. We are a Court of Record, and we progress from preliminary enquiries to Investigation to Inquest, as the evidence is considered. Inquests are public hearings.

Data we process

Data of the deceased, comprising comprehensive information, including circumstances of death, cause of death and medical history, together with identification evidence from 3rd parties (visual/DNA/fingerprinting/odontology etc.)

Data of the living, associated with the deceased, including family (Next of Kin) and legal representatives, comprising contact data and witness statements. Section 47 of The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 defines Interested Persons.

Why we can process your data

The law says we must have one of these reasons:

  • When it is our legal duty
  • When we have official authority or there is a public interest

The Coroners and Justice Act 2009 and The Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013 allows us to process personal data.

Visitors to the website

No personal data is gathered automatically by HM Coroner for Leicester City and South Leicestershire when someone visits this website.

Use of cookies

This website may use cookies from time to time but only to make your web experience better. We do not track individual web visitors.

Sharing your information

Data will be shared with the Senior Coroner, Assistant Coroners, Coroner’s Officers, Coroner’s Administrator and Coroner’s Court Officer, and will inevitably involve the family, interested persons and the relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders can include:

  • GPs
  • Hospitals
  • Ambulance Service
  • Funeral Directors
  • Registrars
  • Pathologists
  • Toxicologists
  • Other Coroners
  • Police
  • Local Authority
  • HTA
  • Emergency planners
  • Mental Health
  • Alcohol and drug teams
  • Safeguarding Boards and teams
  • Family members

We may share your data with organisations we have a contract with in order to provide the service e.g. IT providers, or Leicester City Council which acts as our administration team.

We will not sell your personal data to any other external organisation or individual.

We will not share it with any other third party unless required to do so by law e.g. law enforcement agencies such as the Police, HMRC, Immigration, the Information Commissioner’s Office etc.

Where we store your data

Data is held securely on a server in the UK. Transfer of data by email or as part of online surveys may mean your data is transferred outside of the EU via a contract we have in place with our processor or with your consent.  

In the case of a death concerning a foreign national, we are obligated under Vienna Convention to notify the relevant Consular Office/Embassy, or the Police may do so. Also there may be an exchange of information in the event of a death abroad. This will be done using secure / encrypted email, secure transfer sites or passworded documents. 

Some older cases are stored securely in our local archives service.

How long will we keep your data?

Coroner’s records must be retained for at least 15 years under Regulation 27 of The Coroners (Investigations) Regulations 2013.

Records are disposed securely via the Local Authority’s secure confidential waste disposal contractor.

Complaints or queries

We encourage people to bring it to our attention if they think that our collection or use of information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate, or if we have had a personal data breach. We would also welcome any suggestions for improving our procedures.

If you remain unhappy with how we have dealt with your complaint, you may contact the Information Commissioner's Office.

Access to personal information

You can find out if we hold any of your personal data by making a ‘subject access request’. If we do hold information about you we will:

  • give you a description of it;
  • tell you why we are holding it;
  • tell you who it could be disclosed to;
  • tell you where we got it from; and
  • let you have a copy of the data.

To make a request for any data we may hold on you, you can email the address below. It is free of charge to submit a request. We may only refuse if it is manifestly unfounded or excessive. We have a month to answer you.

If we do hold information about you, you can ask us to 

correct any mistakes;

  • delete data we hold on you that we no longer have a legitimate need to use;
  • restrict the use of the data temporarily if you think it is wrong or we should not have it;
  • stop using your data that does not have a legal or contractual obligation;
  • ask for any data that you have provided to us or we have observed, that has been automatically processed, under consent or contract, to be exported to another company or yourself, in a machine-readable format. We currently do not undertake any automated processing of your data; and
  • prevent any fully automated decisions involving your data. We do not currently use any fully automated decision-making techniques.

Changes to this privacy notice

We keep our privacy notice under regular review.

How to contact us

If you want to request more information about our privacy notice, or exercise any of your rights, you can email us at or write to us at

HM Coroner's Office
Town Hall
Town Hall Square